Kimberly Richardson's picture
Kimberly Richardson MA, LMT
Began training 44 years ago

Kimberly began her Aikido training at Naropa Institute in 1978 and shortly after moved to Seattle to train with Mary Heiny Sensei. Determined athleticism, psychotherapy practices and energy awareness skills are key elements of her spirited teaching.

Kimberly has studied throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan, most notably with Anno Shihan, Saotome and Ikeda Shihan, and Dobson and Read Senseis. She acted as chief instructor for The Apple Computer Aikido School in Cupertino, CA in 1989 and at Seattle School of Aikido from 1991 to 1995. In the fall of 1995, Kimberly founded Two Cranes Aikido, where she teaches the philosophy and practice of Aikido to people of all ages. As an adjunct faculty member at Antioch University for 10 years, she taught "Aikido as Martial Art and Spiritual Practice." Kimberly Sensei was promoted to the rank of 6th Dan by Mary Heiny Sensei in 2007.

Richardson Sensei's teaching style supports the individual growth of each student. In addition to teaching Aikido, she practices tai ji and ballroom dancing, and includes elements of these art forms in her curriculum at the dojo. Kimberly is a consultant and trainer, offering workshops in conflict resolution, effective management styles and self-defense to corporations and to educational groups. In 2008, Kimberly organized the nonprofit foundation Two Cranes Institute. Her goal is to advance the common good by integrating O Sensei's practices of compassion and applied nonviolence into the larger Seattle community of children, teens and adults.

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Daniel McAbee
Began training 32 years ago

Dan is a co-founder of Two Cranes Aikido who began his Aikido training in 1990 with Kimberly Richardson. Prior to training in Aikido, Dan practiced Tae Kwon Do for over 10 years. He studies Aikibojitsu with Tom Read Sensei, is 5th Dan and a Licensed Teacher of the art. He also practices Tai Ji Chen form and push hands. Dan has flown for Alaska Airlines since 1982.

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Greg Mock
Began training 50 years ago

Greg Mock, 4th Dan, began his study of Aikido in 1972 with Frank Doran Sensei at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he also trained under Mary Heiny Sensei and Linda Holiday Sensei. Later, he became a founding member and instructor at North Bay Aikido in Santa Cruz. Greg is also a longtime student of Saotome Sensei. After moving to the Washington, DC area in the mid-1990s, he trained with Saotome Sensei and taught at Aikido Shobukan Dojo until moving to Seattle in 2010. As a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme, Greg analyzes and writes about successful models of sustainable development in the developing world.

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Dave Hurley
Began training 47 years ago

Dave began his training at the age of 16 with Frank Doran Sensei. One of the most experienced members of the dojo, he has studied with Saotome Sensei, was a senior instructor at North Bay Aikido in Santa Cruz, CA, and Chief Instructor of Seattle School of Aikido. He works as the IT Director for the Biology Department at the University of Washington.

Sara Gerhart Snell's picture
Sara Gerhart Snell
Began training 23 years ago

Sara teaches both adult and children's classes and acts as the Executive Director of Two Cranes Children's and Teen Program. Aikido's graceful and powerful forms along with her own playful nature drive her passion for working with children of all ages. Sara holds a masters degree in Music, ran a small garden design business for 10 years, and now focuses her attention on furthering the growth of Two Cranes Aikido and Two Cranes Institute.

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Jen Stoakes Singh
Began training 23 years ago

Jen began her formal training in Aikido with Kimberly Richardson in 1998, earning a first degree black belt in 2005. Due to her father's Aikido practice, her philosophical education in Aikido started at a very young age. As a psychotherapist, Jen blends Aikido and existential phenomenological psychology in working with children and adults. In addition to her private practice, she manages the office at Two Cranes and acts as Director of our Mini-Cranes Program that provides instruction for four and five-year-olds.

Robert Chang's picture
Robert Chang
Began training 19 years ago

Robert Chang began his Aikido training in 2002 at Aikido West with Frank Doran Shihan. In 2004 Robert moved to Seattle and joined Two Cranes Aikido. Robert has been a student of Kimberly Richardson Sensei since then and received his Nidan in 2010. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

Nancy Maranville
Began training 21 years ago

Nancy Maranville began training with Kimberly Richardson Sensei at Two Cranes Aikido in 2000 at the age of 46. She teaches a fundamentals class for children 6-12 and co-teaches an adults’ general class. She finds joy in seeing children develop a sense of their own center and discovering a sense of spatial awareness as they move through life.

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Lynda Matsumoto
Began training 23 years ago

Lynda began training at Two Cranes Aikido in 1998. Her curiosity about how aikido can help resolve internal and external conflict enlivens her training and her intent to be a more skillful person. She is a mom, a cake decorator and a snow boarding teacher. Lynda teaches our 6-12 year old students and finds that they "are teaching her too".

Daniel Pollack's picture
Daniel Pollack
Began training 12 years ago

Dan Pollack began training in January, 2009 after viewing a Nidan and Sandan demonstration at TCA. He teaches adult classes and astutely manages the TCA Facebook page. Pollack is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Washington where he teaches and does research on mathematical aspects of general relativity.

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Taryn Sass
Began training 26 years ago

Taryn began training in 1996, when she was obtaining her degree in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz. After graduating and moving to Seattle, she joined Two Cranes Aikido and continued her quest to train and teach teens and adults in a joyful manner. As a geologist, she takes pride in being the earthy one in the dojo and strives to add more fluidity to her practice. Taryn is also the Director of the Teen Program.

Dennis Johnson's picture
Dennis Johnson
Began training 14 years ago

Dennis Johnson began his training in Aikido at Two Cranes in 2007 at the age of 54. As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, he has extensive experience dealing with conflict resolutions issues in the work place. His Aikido is an extension of his work in inter and intra-personal conflict resolution. His goal is to continue developing his teaching and practice of aikido into his 80s.

Tim Schmelter's picture
Tim Schmelter
Began training 18 years ago

Tim Schmelter started aikido in Austin, TX in 2003 and was one of the founding members of South Austin Aikido. He moved to Seattle in 2013, where he began training with Kimberly Richardson Sensei. He assists with the TCA Teen's program and does his best to keep up with their boundless energy and enthusiasm.

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Robyn Andersen
Began training 19 years ago

M. Robyn Andersen, PhD., MPH., Shodan 2011. Robyn began her training at Two Cranes Aikido in 2002. Since then she and her two daughters have enjoyed the children's, teen's, and adult programs in the dojo. As an instructor for the teens' program and substitute instructor for kids' classes Robyn enjoys finding ways to provide an exciting training environment for young students. When not training or teaching a the dojo Dr. Andersen works for the Fred Hutch conducting transtational research studies on the efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine treatments for cancer and the effectiveness of multi-modal biomarker based screening strategies to improve the diagnostic pathway for ovarian cancer.

Brian Fogel's picture
Brian Fogel
Began training 47 years ago

Brian Fogel began studying Aikido in 1974 at Oberlin College under Frank Hreha. In 1976 he moved to Sarasota to spend a year at Saotome Sensei's dojo.  Then he took a 22 year hiatus during which he played tennis "religiously" and became an avid rock climber. In 1999 he returned to train at Two Cranes Aikido with Kimberly Richardson Sensei.   He complements his practice with Gryotonics and Pilates. Brian is the co-developer of a cognitive test now in its 5th year of commercial use.

Daniel Kahane's picture
Daniel Kahane M.A.
Began training 19 years ago

Daniel Kahane began his study of aikido in 2002 with Senseis Denise Barry and Phyllis King in Sebastopol, CA. He has trained with  with Mary Heiny Sensei and Two Cranes Aikido dojo-cho, Kimberly Richardson Sensei as well as Frank Doran and Robert Nadeau Shihans.  Daniel has enjoyed  professional careers both as a musician/performing artist and environmental scientist/education program director. He worked for the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra as a bilingual Master Teacher, mentoring young musicians from an underserved community. He was named Distinguished Informal Science Educator by the National Science Teachers Association (2002) and the California Science Teachers Association (2000).  Daniel currently  teaches music and performance skills to students at all levels at his private studio in Seattle. He practices and teaches in the children’s program at Two Cranes Aikido.

Alex Gholz
Began training 8 years ago