Two Cranes Institute

I didn’t create Aikido. Aiki is the way of the universe.
It is the source of the principles of life.
—Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

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History of Two Cranes Institute

After fifteen years of offering Aikido training to students at TCA, we took the next step to extend our techniques and principles of peacemaking to the larger Puget Sound community. In 2010 we formalized our nonprofit foundation Two Cranes Institute. Our programs promote conflict resolution, teach embodied leadership, and catalyze efforts to accelerate positive change in our society. Whether applied to business negotiations, forging new partnerships, teaching children and teens, or navigating high-stress environments, these methods help individuals perform effectively under pressure with emotional strength and mental clarity.

We bring these trainings to people in the familiar context of their own organizations. Through solo and/or paired practice training methods, opportunities arise to develop new patterns of engagement, sense conflict before it escalates and create more effective responses to potentially difficult situations. Our training offers immediate feedback, with honest communication and sustainable, or embodied results.

Our Mission and Vision

TCI's mission uses the reflective and martial principles of the martial art and 
contemplative practice of Aikido to promote compassion and integrity to empower and 
diffuse conflict in communities of the Puget Sound region and beyond.

Our objective is to help build resilient communities by providing strategies (models) for 
compassionate leadership and empowerment to youths and adults, who will then have the 
tools to create positive social change. In order to accomplish this objective, TCI focuses on 
schools, mental health communities and business organizations, through which it 
provides Aikido-based educational programs for children, teens and adults that promote 
nonviolence and cultivate peaceful solutions to conflict.

Two Cranes Institute's Commitment to Equity and Inclusion
Our commitment to Aikido is a path of celebrating ourselves as a global family. Two Cranes Institute is open to those who wish to practice Aikido or participate in TCI's other programs, no matter what their personal history, race, age, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, marital status, disability, or physical ability to move on the mat. As stewards of the teachings of O'Sensei, we want to build "a floating bridge of heaven", not walls. We will honor and protect those who come here wishing to study the teachings of loving protection, compassion in action, and stop the fight, as we work to expand or innate potential. Any one who is committed to exploring their commitment to do no harm is welcome. Yes, we  practice for our personal evolution, but we also practice to support the welfare, happiness and safety of all beings as a global family. 


TCI Programs:


In School & After School Program

TCI brings aikido into local schoolsthrough collaboration with existing in school and after-school programs, students develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using movement methods, energetic awareness and conflict resolution techniques, children increase their leadership capacity, manage stress and anxiety and develop the self-confidence to create peace in the world.

Leadership Education Program

TCI provides embodied leadership training to optimize performance, develop the emotional and physical ability to handle complex situations, build effective teams and negotiate sustainable agreements.

Aikido for Mental Health Professionals

We apply the principles of aikido in treating individuals with mental and emotional health problems--PTSD, anger management or the effects of abuse. Our program is designed to enhance the training and expertise of mental health professionals.

Teacher Training Program

We offer a range of skills emphasizing conflict resolution, energy awareness, personal safety, and aikido technique/philosophy for the purpose of sharing with youth and adults.