COVID-19 announcements from TCI

Fri, Mar 13, 2020 - 10:15am to 10:15am

Our Aikido practice is centered around our connection with our training partners. We then challenge ourselves to apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a new challenge, unlike any we’ve ever faced in our practice. We must adapt suddenly to a new landscape where we must be deliberate and thoughtful in every interaction with others in order to minimize the risk of illness - not just for ourselves, but for every other person in our lives as well as everyone on the planet. Possibly for the first time ever, we have to consider not just our own health but also the health of those around us - am I close to someone who has cancer? Who is elderly? Who is pregnant? 

This can feel like an overwhelming task but it is also an opportunity. We can choose to approach this as a new challenge for our practice. Each day, based on the best information we can glean from public health experts and coupled with our values of personal growth and social responsibility, we can muster all of our courage, creativity, thoughtfulness and social awareness to make the best decisions possible regarding how we train, where we train, and when we train. And when we do train, we can do so highly focussed on strengthening our spirits and aiding others to strengthen theirs.

There are no right choices - only best choices. Given how quickly this situation is changing, today's best choices may not be the best choices tomorrow. So we can make new ones tomorrow. We practice this moment-to-moment adaptation with our bodies on the mat. Now we get to practice the same kind of "shinken shobu" - live blade practice - as we make decisions about the method of training during this pandemic. And we do so while we weigh the benefits and risks to ourselves, those nearest us, and people everywhere.