Two Cranes Aikido and COVID-19

Next Steps on our Aiki Path

Kimberly Richardson

Greetings to our Two Cranes Family and Friends,

We hope you are well and safe.  We would like to offer an update and a potential plan for continuing our Aikido training over the next three months as Washington moves through its phased approach to easing social restrictions imposed during the pandemic.
The dojo has always been a place where, with many treasured friends, we have swept and fallen and sweated and celebrated and ached and bowed and laughed and struggled and succeeded. It is a space dedicated to our shared growth. For
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A Bow of Gratitude to the Spiritual Teachers who Inspire us

Kimberly Richardson

April 12th marks the one month anniversary of temporarily closing our Two Cranes Institute doors. Those first days of not training together on the mat seemed unimaginable. Now as we navigate this upside down covid virus time with uncertainty and clamor filling our lives, I newly consider what Aikido practice means to us as a community. As Aikidoists we are accustomed to moving together, touching each other; we engage physically, emotionally and martially as we grab and strike each other. We fall down and get back up. It's what we love...Read more

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