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Why I like Aikido! 2000

We ask the children who received promotion to 6th kyu to share with us ‘Why they like Aikido.’  The following are the writings of Two Cranes Aikido’s first green belt candidates.

Why I like aikido and what it helps me with   by LP

Those are the two questions. What are the answers? Keep reading and you will find out.

Why I Practice Aikido


When I practice Aikido, I practice ma'ai and aiki. When I am meet with ukai's ki, I have to blend with it to keep both me, and the ukai safe. They have hurtful intentions, I must not meet it with strength, but with aiki. It is very fun to learn about this stuff, and to see how effective taking balance is. I incorporate this, and rna'ai into my everyday life. It has made me more aware, grounded, and harmonious.


Aikido Red Belt Test

The prompt for this essay is to compare my relationships with myself and others in the time before
I started Aikido and after I started studying Aikido. But because of the young age I started
studying Aikido, I've chosen to contrast the time my parents took me to Aikido with the time after I
chose for myself to study Aikido. This is probably the more important transition because when I
first started Aikido it was mostly my parents doing.

What I have learned in the process of testing for junior black belt

When I started the process of testing for junior black belt I had a very clear goal in mind. I wanted to complete my test. I had a single-minded focus and was determined that I would do just that. At that point in time, junior black belt meant a lot to me because it was a high rank. For me I kept getting frustrated because I wasn't quite ready for the rank of junior black belt. And to be completely honest I didn't much care about getting the techniques right I just wanted to test as soon as possible.

Why I practice Aikido

I have been taking aikido for 4 years now and I practice aikido because it helps me balance myself both literally and figuratively. What I mean is it helps relieve stress and center myself after a long day. It also teaches me to resolve conflict both physical and non-physical. It is fun and I have made a lot of friends. It is very relaxing and helps me lear to take care of my opponent. I like techniques like randori and jiyuwaza because they help me focus on one person at a time. Kokyuho helps me relax and gather mself at the end of the day.

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