6th Kyu, Red Belt Essay

            Imagine starting aikido at the age 4. I have been asked to answer the question “How your relationship to yourself and others changed or grown since you have become an Aikidoist?”  Since I’ve been doing it for so long now it’s part of my life. I had to really think because I started at such a young age.

            One thing I have learned when I’m nervous at the dojo is to breath and focus. Breathing helps me when I do my demonstration because I’m always nervous when I have to show everybody my aikido. When I breathe in and out 3 times it calms me down. I do this when I’m at school, on stage in choir, or sharing something in front of my class. Another thing I have been doing that’s helping me is to focus. When other people are demonstrating, sharing, or testing. I like to focus because you can always LEARN NEW THINGS!

            Aikido has also encouraged me to overcome my shyness when meeting new people. That is because at a new restaurant when you’re ordering food you don’t want to say your order because your shy. But at Aikido it’s like you’re practicing. New kids can come in to class, you can meet another person here that’s been training for a long time, or meet people coming from different dojos. These are all ways at the dojo that helped with my shyness. In your class you can also train with your friends you’ve known a long time.

            The last point I’ll share in my essay is how Aikido has helped me with my emotions and courage. It helps me with my emotions because if I’m having a hard day I come to the dojo and train with my friends. You also get your body moving when training and warming-up. Aikido has helped me with my courage BIG TIME. When I’m in front of the class practicing it helps with my test and also helps build my courage.

            All in all, Aikido has helped me with my breathing and focusing, a variety of meeting new people and training with friends, and with my emotions and building up my courage. As you can see, these were just a few examples of when Aikido has helped me. Since I’ve been doing it so long, it’s fun to look back at all the things I learned. This is how my relationship has changed to myself and others

LS - 10 year old student