Sensei's Notebook

In Their Own Words: Writings from our Youth Program

Aikido Red Belt Test by AOF - 14 year old student
Why I Practice Aikido by CH - 12 year old green belt student
6th Kyu, Red Belt Essay by LS - 10 year old student

Community Writings

Finding Quiet by Jen Stoakes
Why I practice Aikido by SS - 12 year old green belt
On Nonresistance by Jonathan Miller Lane
Practice in life by Robyn Anderson
Why Test? by Jessica Levin
The Gifts of Injury by Laura S. Brown
A Glance Towards Nidan by Jeffrey David Stauch
Vulnerability by Corey Selover
(Re)Defining Ferocity by Jessica Levin
Aikido - A Study in Grace and Persistence by Laura Brown & Mary Childs
Getting on the Mat by Isabelle Moore
To Mom and Dad by Tom Callos
Life by David Socha