Granlibakken - The Power of an Aiki Summer Retreat

The Aiki Summer Retreat in Tahoe City is a unique and wonderful experience. One of the things that makes it special is that it is residential - unlike a Bridge model seminar, at Aiki Summer Retreat nearly everyone on the mat during the day is living on site for the full duration. That builds a real sense of community that is very different from a typical seminar in which we all return to our separate houses, generally with those from our home dojos, in the evenings. Many of the friendships I’ve forged at summer retreat, and the conversations I’ve had, simply wouldn’t be possible in the more typical Bridge-model seminar. These connections across lineages, ages, and ranks happen organically as we live alongside our training partners for the week.

In terms of cost, the fee for Summer Retreat includes all expenses other than transportation to and from the retreat location. Factoring in the cost of housing, food, evening activities, and the need for transportation to and from the seminar location each day, the cost of Aiki Summer Retreat compares very favorably to anything else out there. Because all of these logistics are already taken care of, the only thing left to organize is getting to and from the retreat location in Tahoe City, leaving the rest of my time and energy for training and building friendships to last a lifetime.

I hope to see you there!

Kate Herbig