A message from Two Cranes Institute

          Aikido is an art that was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, an exemplary martial artist and profound spiritual teacher. His goal was to invite all humans to experience themselves as members of one united global family. He offered his teachings to the world that included all races, genders, classes and sexual orientations. We practice these teachings daily at Two Cranes Aikido and in this historical moment we stand in solidarity with all those suffering in the wake of the senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor—and countless others.

          We offer our hearts in this moment of reckoning. And we feel we must do more. We can ask how Aikido has equipped us to be in this moment actively rather than passively. O’Sensei teaches that we are one human family. We have trained to sincerely work to understand and dismantle the myriad forces that create and perpetuate racial inequality.

          We support the elevation of Black voices and the voices of all those who are discriminated against. We need to listen with humility and protest in support, and articulate specific steps that will carve a path toward racial justice. We seek to learn about institutionalized racism so that we can name it and begin to dismantle it; that goes hand in hand with committing to the work of interrogating our privilege.

          As Aikidoists, we are committed to nonviolent conflict resolution. To be part of the resolution of racial injustice, we must first ensure that we understand the conflict and see our complicity in it. When we better understand the conflict, we can engage that fluency to work toward liberation.

In spirit,

Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson