Why I like Aikido! 2000

We ask the children who received promotion to 6th kyu to share with us ‘Why they like Aikido.’  The following are the writings of Two Cranes Aikido’s first green belt candidates.

Why I like aikido and what it helps me with   by LP

Those are the two questions. What are the answers? Keep reading and you will find out.

  Have you ever wondered what it was like to fly?  I haven’t because I know.  I never have actually flown, but I have done a forward roll. That feels like flying, and I love it.  If people ask me why I like Aikido I usually always say the same thing even though it is not the only reason. I answer: because you can defend yourself without hurting other people. This is true. I hate and may I repeat hate, hurting people. Also of course I hate getting hurt.

I don’t exactly know how to explain the next reason I like Aikido.  It is sort of the flow, being grounded and extending all mixed together.  Like, for example, in Aidori Irimi-nage, when you make the big wave, that is what I am talking about.  I also like helping people. Since I started Aikido I have made millions of new friends. When people need help I like to help them. Besides everything else, it’s just plain fun.

I really like Aikido, but it also helps me with a few things.  Having fire is the first one. I watched a video of my orange belt test. When I did shomen strikes my hand just flopped up and down. Now I can actually do the strike.  It also helps me in school. In third grade I never used to raise my hand, and when I had to talk I would do it as soft as a mouse.  Now I raise my hand more and speak louder.

I really enjoy Aikido and I am planning to keep going.  I think I will keep doing it until I get a tenth degree black belt or more!


Why I like aikido and what it helps me with   by JS

I like Aikido because I gain energy and balance. When I went snowboarding for the first time it was not as hard because I had balance.  Aikido is something that I can go and let all my worries off and just play and learn so much. 

Aikido is something that I think all of us should do because it holds a power so great that it is kind of sad that people who don’t respect it can’t hold that power.  But I still wish that everyone could hold that power.  When we bow in and say those Japanese words, I always keep  my head down a little bit longer because that is the way  of showing respect to

O’ Sensei.  To me O’ Sensei is a great warrior and a great soldier.  I really wish that I could have traveled with him.  Now I feel so comfortable doing a high fall and I hope that I can get the time to train in some of the adult classes.

Aikido also helps me with my poetry that I write. When I am mad at someone or discouraged over something, I just think about Aikido and it all stops. Well I must end this one page report on the reason that I do Aikido.