Why I practice Aikido

I have been taking aikido for 4 years now and I practice aikido because it helps me balance myself both literally and figuratively. What I mean is it helps relieve stress and center myself after a long day. It also teaches me to resolve conflict both physical and non-physical. It is fun and I have made a lot of friends. It is very relaxing and helps me lear to take care of my opponent. I like techniques like randori and jiyuwaza because they help me focus on one person at a time. Kokyuho helps me relax and gather mself at the end of the day. I also like it because it is ot competitive or stressfull and it is cooperative and friendly. It is also teaching me a very effective self defense martial art that isn’t super violent like karate. That is instead of breaking somebodies arm in a block we simply pin them. The games we play are fun but they also help us learn core aikido principles like spatial awareness and taking balance. Aikido is very peaceful while also being an effective self defense martial art. In conclusion I practice aikido because it helps me center myself and teaches me kindness and peace while being a self defense martial art.


SS - 12 year old green belt