Why I Practice Aikido


When I practice Aikido, I practice ma'ai and aiki. When I am meet with ukai's ki, I have to blend with it to keep both me, and the ukai safe. They have hurtful intentions, I must not meet it with strength, but with aiki. It is very fun to learn about this stuff, and to see how effective taking balance is. I incorporate this, and rna'ai into my everyday life. It has made me more aware, grounded, and harmonious.


In Aikido we run around, jump up and down, and do rolls up and down the mat. This is a great way to exercise while having fun. I'm exercising and growing strength and endurance while practicing rolls and lots else. I am learning to be more flexible in stretches. It's nice to massage my feet and my hands once in a while. I have incorporated Aikido rolls into my life when I have fallen on a soccer field before. Using your ki through a bo, jo, sword, or knife, and learning how to deal with them as ukai and nagai is very fun.


When met with ski, yokomanuchi, morotaedori, ushiro-riotaedori, kata-manuchi, etc. it is hard to believe that you can do anything but stand there and get hit. Yet you can find do, and remain safe. When you are thrown, or taken off balance by nagai, you see how your ki gets redirected, and you find a new path.

CH - 12 year old green belt student