Fundamentals Class for 6- to 12-year old students.These introductory classes focus on the fundamental movement skills in Aikido: rolling, knee-walking (suwari-waza), centering and blending. We emphasize self-discipline, energy awareness, leadership skills and fun. In addition, students learn the basic techniques of Aikido and the importance of posture and stance.

Our testing process is designed to enhance your child's confidence and self-esteem. Colored belts are awarded at the discretion of the instructor for progress made in training. Each child is given personal attention in this process. All levels are welcome to train in this class.

Class for Orange stripe and higher ranks ages 6 -12 and 9 -12. These classes are designed for students who have achieved the rank of orange stripe or higher to experience the techniques and philosophy of Aikido. Cooperation, focused attention and conflict resolution strategies are emphasized. A basic level of practice is assumed while more advanced techniques, partner practices, rolls, falls and knee-walking are studied. Playing non-competitive games is part of the learning process. Beginning staff and sword handling are introduced. This is a potential bridge for students moving from our children's to our teen's classes

General Class for 6 to 12-year old students. This class combines all ranks and age groups of children allowing them to learn from each other. Older students develop mentoring skills, while younger students are encouraged to practice cooperation and focus. Variations of basic and more advanced techniques are taught, as well as self-defense skills, physical resilience and spatial awareness. There is always time for a variety of non-competitive games. Students from all levels are welcome to attend.

Advanced Class for Children
This class allows children with a rank of Purple Belt or higher to work with each other in a more mature and challenging setting. Children may only attend this class with permission from the Director of the Youth Program.

Tuition covers two classes per week. Students 6 to 12 years old are encouraged to attend two classes per week in order to develop a sense of practice and refine their skills.